Types Of Wooden Conservatories

Wooden conservatories are extremely versatile buildings which can easily be added to your home for extra space, enjoyment and beauty. They come in a wide variety of styles and are made from a wide range of materials such as hardwood, aluminium, metal, slate and even glass. Wooden conservatories are one of the most popular styles of conservatories, especially in southern England where they have become especially popular in the last ten years. A timber conservatory will add value to your property and often come with a fantastic built-in heating system in case you wish to enjoy the warmth of the conservatory in the winter months. In the summer months they are an ideal way to relax by sitting outside in the garden and enjoying the fresh air and scenery.


Wooden conservatories can be built on a budget if you do your research and buy quality materials, there are a range of ways to ensure that you get a conservatory which compliments your home and won’t break the bank. You might prefer a traditional style but this is also quite expensive; however, there are a range of bespoke wooden conservatories which are tailored to your needs and budget. The traditional type of glazing includes triple glazed windows, they are quite efficient at keeping the heat in and the light out. There are different types of glazing including those which are semi translucent which let the warm air in and those with the glass roof vents wooden conservatories.


If you are planning to build a wooden conservatories on your own you should be aware of local planning laws and planning permission is required for most new structures. An inspected building for safety purposes and the relevant information on how to apply for planning permission can be found from your local town hall or the Department for Communities in your area. Planning permission isn’t just for new construction, if you change anything such as a door or window you will need planning permission. It’s always best to discuss with your local council office before doing anything to your conservatory so that you know the planning laws and how you can avoid any future problems.


When choosing your timber conservatory make sure you consider what material you want it to be made from, oak, pine and teak are the most popular. Cedar and oak are particularly good choices, as they are naturally resistant to insects and also have natural oils which keep the wood in good condition. Cedar doors and windows are especially good because they resist rot and can withstand the effects of dampness and temperature fluctuations. Teak has natural oils that prevent it from rotting but it can be damaged by the sun, so if you choose teak make sure you have curtains and blinds to help keep out the sunlight.


A more modern style of wooden conservatories are those with aluminium windows and doors. They look very modern and come in a variety of styles, some of them opening out to allow views outside while others have fully enclosed doors. Aluminium is very lightweight and can be installed very quickly making it easy to incorporate into a new build. It is very common for aluminium windows to be available with UPVC frames which are stronger and tougher than traditional timber frames.


If you opt for a glazed extension to join the door and window panels then you have many more options. A traditional glazed conservatory can benefit from a double glazing system which not only makes the conservatory more energy efficient but adds a high-end look and feel to your home. Double glazed windows to allow the heat to escape during the colder months and in turn keep the conservatory cooler helping you save on cooling costs during the summer. A traditional glazed conservatory can also benefit from a glazing system which incorporates a ventilation system, allowing warm air to escape through the windows and reducing the amount of heat in the room.

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